Spinning Indoor Cycling

MR Body Factory Fitness & wellness Club is introducing a new form of cardio workout, “The spinning Studio”. It involves cycling in group to rhythmic killer music through guided programs to vigorously burn away those extra calories.

  • Group mind set helps in pushing your limits
  • Rigorous burning of calories
  • Best Cardiovascular exercise
  • Helps in toning of body and legs
  • Rhythmic music makes the exercise fun

You’ll Burn Big Calories

As per the intensity of the trainers and as you push yourself, an hour spin class can be burned from 600-1000 calories. To recover you for the next burst, it depends on the distance of fast-sized cycling and strategic gaps. Most particle classes last for 40 minutes so that you burn 400-600 calories per class.

You’ll Customize Your Bike

You’ll be able to adjust according to seat, handlebars and tension / resistance. Make sure at the beginning of each workout so that you are not unhappy for workouts. The coach may be able to help you if you are unfamiliar with equipment accessories. In some bikes they are also gel salons to make them more comfortable and some people bring themselves too. The pad shorts will help if they are not provided and if you do not have one.

As your body accepts pain, you will also improve the aerobicity. Every class you complete will go a step further. Some weeks will pass and you will look back to see how far you’ve come. You may have resisted the bike or have difficulties in each class, but you certainly have improved. You should remember that your body has changed. Your legs should be big and strong and your fat mass should be reduced.

You’ll Get Healthier

You’ll Love It

So what are you asking for “a spinning class”? This is a wonderful, challenging way to get incredibly fit. They all start to shock through the first session because they are always difficult. Do not be surprised if you make yourself addicted once.